You’ve had our Pure Black and you may have had Corsica over ice with a shot of espresso (our iced-red eye), but have you tried our newest cold creation?


Introducing our Iced YirgZ brewed in our Silverton pour over. We continue to bring new and exciting coffee creations to our cafe and this is one of our favorites. Similar to a Japanese style of cold-brew, we brew our Workshop coffee with less water than a normal cup to account for the ice melt dilution.

Our YirgZ has notes of lemon zest, vanilla, and peach —which creates a truly complex and flavorful cup similar to our hot coffee. Some people say it tastes like peach iced tea!


Now you can get a single origin iced coffee that’s brewed to perfection. So, next time you pop into a cafe, ask for an Iced YirgZ and let your tastebuds be the judge.


  1. 1. What is the average time that it takes for a Silverton pourover (I don’t lie to hold up a busy line.)? Specifically, how many minutes does the barista place on the stopwatch feature for the complete brew time?

    2. Which book is being previewed this First Friday at Dilworth? And, do you have a brief synopsis? family friendly or adults only?

    1. 2. The book is a photo book documenting the last few years of LOVE park, with some focus on the skateboarding culture.

  2. Interesting that the brew time is so quick. Is it sweet like most of the other coldbrews? I’m guessing so if it tastes like peach iced tea!

    1. Frank, My palate is not expert. The people who have the best coffee palates (I think) are the cup taster champions who can, say, get 100% correct in record time. (I think you can find coverage of them on the www.)To me, I can taste light, fruity and definitely distinctive. You should try it when you can either in a cafe or just in your own kitchen from online delivery.

  3. I can’t stop pulling up the Zach G. twitter post. Better than meditation for stress relief.

    (One thing I am worried about this morning: Watson is set to replace how many people?)

    Great funny man on Broad Street yesterday – the Philly Phanatic (Burgoyne) was making everyone so happy.

    We tried screaming Fishtown every time we saw the TShirt, but, I don’t know if the runners could even hear the crowd.

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