Coffee is a fruit, and like other fruits it comes in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are thousands of different coffee varieties all with different climates, growing techniques, flavors and more.

Think apples. There’s over 7,500 different varieties with their own unique attributes. You’ve got your Granny Smith, which is large, green and a bit tangy—then you’ve got your Red Delicious, which is heart-shaped, red and mildly sweet.

Coffee is the same. Take a look at four different beans and how the differ.


Colombia San Roque Caturra:

Bean_Variety_Infographics_0000_Colombia San Roque Cattura

A natural mutation of Bourbon with a higher yield but also a thinner body and less sweetness than Bourbon in the cup. It is extremely common in Costa Rica and Colombia occupying more than 70% of land used for coffee cultivation in those countries.  Producing flavors or cola, citrus, and caramel.


Panama Esmeralda Geisha:Panama Esmeralda Geisha:

Bean_Variety_Infographics_0001_Panama Esmeralda Geisha

Currently the most expensive variety at auction. Originally thought to produce low quality coffee until cultivated in Panama at a higher elevation. Incredibly bright, floral, and fruity exhibiting flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and jasmine.


Brazil Blue Diamond Catuai:

Bean_Variety_Infographics_0002_Brazil Blue Diamond Catuai

The result of cross pollinating Caturra and Mondo Novo varieties resulting in a smaller plant that thrives at lower altitudes in countries like Brazil where it accounts for 50% of the coffee produced there. Brazilian Catuai is defined by its sweet nuttiness and is often used in blends for its classic American coffee flavors.

Kenya Windrush:

Bean_Variety_Infographics_0003_Kenya Windrush

Scott Labs was commissioned by the Kenyan government in the 1930s to create a high yield coffee perfectly suited for the Kenyan environment. SL-28 is a result of this experimentation and is highly valued for its intense citric acidity and floral characteristics often reminiscent of red grapefruit.

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  1. Wait, with SL-28, why 28? Did I miss it? I can google it.

    Really just wanted to say we can’t wait to hear about the new product reveal hinted at on Twitter.

    Also, found an LC tea new to me – sounds like Ha-Cha-Cha in that really famous male voice, the one I can’t remember his name but someone my grandpa used to listen to – maybe Jimmy Durante?

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