Brewing coffee is a science; an artful science. And with so many different brewing methods, you can easily go from right to oh-so-wrong. Some of these sins might not seem like mistakes, but can truly make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee.

  1. Old/Unfresh Beans
    Using grounds or beans that are old and out of date can produce a stale, unappetizing cup of coffee. It’s not gonna kill you, but the longer the coffee sits the more oxidized the coffee gets (which means the less flavorful). We recommend using beans within the first three months after roasting.

  2. You Ain’t Measuring
    A scoop is a scoop is a scoop, right? Wrong. For the best cup, you’ll want to make sure your ratios of beans to water is perfect. This can be a bit tricky, since each brewing method has a different ratio. For instance, when brewing with a Chemex we recommend a 1:17 ratio, while for a French Press we go with 1:14 ratio. Bottom line is without a proper scale, you ain’t getting the most our of your grounds.

  3. Tap Water
    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.41.48 AM
    More than 98% of your cup of coffee is water… so why would use regular old tap water? Freshly filtered water makes a huge difference in taste and mouthfeel than the H2O directly from your sink. Maybe it’s time to invest in a Brita?

  4. Water Temp
    Getting specific water temperatures is easier said than done. Water temp should be somewhere between 195 and 205℉ (that’s the sweet spot). We recommend using the Bonavita, which is an electric kettle that heats up much quicker than a stovetop.

  5. You Ain’t Grinding Right
    Every brew method is different and you should always make sure coffee is ground specific for your brewer. For example, grinds for a French Press should be as coarse as sea salt, while Aeropress grinds should be little finer than table salt.

  6. Clean Your Stuff
    This should go without saying, but CLEAN YOUR BREWERS & FILTERS. Way too many people just rinse their Chemex or French Press with water and call it a done day. Cleaning will ensure each cup is as fresh as possible and will also help to preserve your brewer for years to come.

  7. Don’t Buy Bad Beans
    Ok, obviously. But you’d be surprised how many people consider all coffee the same. We recommend trying out different coffees to find the one that’s right for you. Check out our 2.5oz sample tubes.

You can learn more about how to brew the perfect cup by heading to our online brew guides.


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