As we get closer and closer to the summer, we can’t stop thinking about an ice cold glass of cold brewed perfection. Cold brew has more caffeine and less acidity than hot-brewed coffee, so it’s gentler on your stomach. Made in large batches this method is perfect for refrigerating and sharing with friends and family.

Step 1. Weigh
Weigh out coffee on a scale. We typically use a 1:7 ratio.

Step 2. Grind
Grind the coffee beans. You will want them to resemble coarse sea salt for a French Press Cold Brew.

Step 3. Add the Grounds
Place the French Press on the scale. Zero (tare) the scale and then add the pre-measured coffee grinds.

Step 4. Pour
Time to pour! Fill the French Press with room-temperature water.

Step 5. Let it sit
Use a spoon to make sure the water makes contact with all the grounds. Cover the French Press and let it sit for 12-13 hours. Do not store the cold brew mixture in the refrigerator while it’s brewing.

Step 6. Pour and enjoy
After leaving the mixture out overnight or all day, press the plunger down on the French Press and pour the cold brew into a large jar or carafe.

For more tips on how to brew, head to our Brew Guides on our site and pick up the supplies to brew your own.

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