We get this question all the time, “what’s the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?”

While they’re both similar, the difference lies in the ratio of steamed milk, foam, and espresso.


What is a Cappuccino?
Hailing from somewhere in Europe, maybe named after the color of a Capuchin monk’s robe, a cappuccino consists of a shot of espresso (we always do a double), topped with steamed milk and about 2-3cm of milk microfoam layered on top. If you take a spoon and push back the foam, it should form a peak. It’s usually served with a marbled pattern.

What is a Latte?
Latte literally means “milk” and is one of the sweetest creamiest drinks we serve from our espresso machine. It consists of a double shot of espresso, mixed with a full pour of warm milk, topped with a thin layer of microfoam (about 1cm) and often served with some beautiful latte artistry.

Credit: http://www.latteartguide.com/2016/01/cappuccino-vs-latte.html

The key difference is that a latte has more steamed milk than foam, while a cappuccino has more foam than steamed milk.  Interested in learning more about cafe offerings? Head to our cafes page: La Colombe Cafes

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