We know what you’re thinking. What could a green stringy vegetable have to do with coffee? Well, you’re right: nothing. Today we’re talking about a different kind of green bean.

Green coffee beans are raw beans extracted from the coffee cherry before they have been roasted. Green beans contain a higher amount of the chemical, chlorogenic acid, which is said to have positive effects on metabolism, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

The roasting process of the bean is what, not only changes the color, but brings out the aroma, acidity, body and flavor that you are used to experiencing in your day-to-day coffee. The transition is accredited to a chemical reaction called the “maillard reaction.” This process is unique because the roaster controls the length of the reaction to create specific intensities in the bodies of their coffee beans. This is what allows the roasters to roast each distinctive green bean from a given area or region to its highest potential.

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