How do you brew the perfect pot of coffee in your drip machine? While it’s easy to focus on taking the immediate steps, like measuring out water and coffee grinds, there’s another step in the process that’s just as important; keeping your machine clean.

So much attention goes into roasting the perfect bean, grinding it to the right size and getting the appropriate water temperature. But what is the point when it’s being filtered through a dirty coffee machine? Dirty coffee machines will invariably have oils from old beans and calcium deposits from the water that affect how your coffee tastes.

It is important to deep clean your drip coffee machine monthly (if not more) to ensure that all the water and mineral buildup is wiped away or it will start to affect the taste and freshness of your daily brew. Follow the quick steps below to learn how. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create a cleaning solution consisting of ½ water, ½ white vinegar. Brew this solution through the machine.
  2. Repeat step 1 with solely water to thoroughly rinse out all the vinegar.
  3. Take baking soda and a sponge to scrub out the tougher remaining stains in the carafe and rinse.

And just like that you are all done! 3 simple steps that will make all the difference in maintaining your favorite everyday tool.


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