Looking to fine-tune your at-home brewing skills? Our coffee experts are here to help with tips, recipes, and brewing methods to guide you to your perfect cup of coffee. Soak in some knowledge and get brewing.

How to Brew Poor Man’s Mocha (Hot Chocolate and Coffee)

Josey Dear, ladies and gentlemen. This special person, our very own Director of Education & Culture, will be showing us how he brews a “Poor Man’s Mocha”, a tasty combination of hot chocolate and coffee using a clever dripper. This is the drink that made him fall in love with coffee! Here are the specifics to get this done!


  • Grind: Like coarse sand, or sea salt.
  • Ratio: 1/10 more concentrated than usual since we are making a coffee concentrate
  • Water: 270 ml 

Hot Chocolate:

  • 1 Tablespoon  hot chocolate mix or cocoa powder mixed with sugar
  • 4oz of milk (of your choice!)

How to Brew on a MoccaMaster

Live from Illinois brewing on her own MoccaMaster, talented Katie Thomas, responsible for training and quality assurance in the Chicago market. She will be brewing some tasty coffee roasted on the west coast in our Los Angeles Frogtown Cafe by Tim Berg, satellite roaster extraordinaire, as she describes him! 

The coffee is a similar blend to our classic Nizza, with flavor notes like brownies, morello cherries and almonds. It was roasted for Sonder benefiting the California Southland Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association.

Here are a few points to take from this video:

Ratio: 1:16 = 62g coffee: 1 Liter water (1000g)

  • TIP: If the coffee tastes too weak, add more coffee! The ratio controls the strength of your coffee. 

Grind: Medium/Fine 

  • TIP: Make sure the particle size is consistent!
  • TIP: If the coffee tastes too bitter, coarsen your grind! The grind fine tunes the flavor profile of your coffee. 

Brew Time: 5 minutes, with a 1:30/2min bloom period before allowing the brewer to start dripping into the carafe. 

How to Brew an Espresso Drink using Aeropress

Here we have our home-based, Philadelphia trainer and quality assurance master, Ben Contois brewing with an Aeropress. He is making espresso with the help of a Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment. Here are a few points from his technique:

Dose: 20-22g of coffee

Grind: Finest grind setting/espresso

Brew Water: 60g

Water Temp: 212F

Total Time: 1:00 minute

How to Brew a Latte using a Delter Press

Kat Adams, our California Regional Trainer and Quality Assurance Associate shows us how to brew with a Delter Press, a similar brewing device to an Aeropress but slightly different. The Delter is designed to keep the brewing water and coffee grounds separated, preventing unwanted agitation. Let Kat show you the way to a perfect latte below.

Coffee: Colombia Inga Red Honey

Dose: 20g coffee to 50g of water (concentrated ratio for espresso)

Grind: Aeropress grind, finer than drip coffee

Total Brew time: 2 minutes 

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