We believe in creating a better world for our communities, and part of that commitment means creating sustainable practices and being conscious of our environmental footprint when it comes to everything we do. 

From composting coffee grinds, to reducing single-use cups in our cafes, to removing straw from our cafes, we are always evolving and looking for solutions to ensure we leave this world better than we found it. 

That is why we are so pleased to announce that we have begun updating our 12oz bags and, over the course of 2021, will begin rolling out new packaging in our 2.5lb and 5lb bulk bags, pod wrappers, and portion packs. This change uses NEO technology, an organic additive added to the polymer, which allows the bags to be converted into reusable energy when disposed of in a landfill. 

Did you know that of all the plastic waste produced in 2017, only 8.4% of it eventually got recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

Through the use of NEO technology, the multilayer plastic films can now degrade in a landfill, in an accelerated time frame, compared to other traditional plastics. This degradation will result in biogasses that can be collected and turn into clean, renewable energy. Currently 80% of waste management facilities turn biogasses into clean energy. 

Sustainability is top of mind in everything we do. This is just one minor step to creating a green future for us all! 

With the creation of a sustainability committee this year, we are working to outline a clear plan to lessen our environmental impact by 2024.

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