Rwanda Early Riser

Meet Rwanda Early Riser, our new Rwandan bright medium roasted coffee from the Lake Kivu region. This unique single-origin Rwandan coffee bursts with ripe stone fruit flavors nestled in sweet caramel and a creamy, full body to usher you into a fresh start.

Produced in Western Rwanda’s Karambi Washing Station, this coffee delivers the full potential of the region’s famously fruity and sweet coffee cherry

What’s also special about this Rwandan coffee is how it benefits the farmers who produce it. The Karambi washing station offers major innovative financial benefits to the farmers who supply it. Through their Farmer Connect program, La Colombe is sending over 600 Karambi producers an additional 7-11% over their annual income directly to their bank accounts. So that we, in coffee, can all rise together. 

Grab a box of Rwanda Early Riser on our website (custom-ground for your brewer) or at your local La Colombe Cafe today. 

Cheers to new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Start the year fresh with our newest Rwandan Coffee

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