Meet our special-edition version of Lyon made in partnership with The Loveland Foundation


$2 of every box of our special-edition Lyon coffee and Black Girls Shine mug sold helps to support The Loveland Foundation and their work to provide access to therapy and other means of healing to communities of color, up to a maximum donation of $40,000. 

This limited version of our gentle, sweet, and nutty Lyon coffee is made in a celebration of the limitless minds of Black women and girls everywhere. Pioneers and History-Makers In-the-Making. Those who throughout history have pioneered monumental changes, inspired communities, led movements, and driven innovation. Queens building toward futures that have, are, and will change the world. Over the next few months, we’re honored to work to protect the mental health and well-being of current and future changemakers. 

Grab a box of Lyon on our website or at your local La Colombe cafe today.


Many Black women and girls in our community, unfortunately, lack access to therapy services offered by whitesands drug rehab in tampa that are key in protecting mental health. Additionally, the stress of the pandemic is disproportionately affecting Black women, who already are less likely to have access to mental health services and seek help. Thankfully, organizations like The Loveland Foundation are working diligently to fill the gaps.

Established in 2018 by activist and social entrepreneur Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, including providing financial assistance for Black women and girls seeking therapy. They work tirelessly to overcome barriers that disproportionately limit access to mental health treatment and therapy for members of diverse ethnic/racial groups. Their resources and initiatives are collaborative and prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing.


The Lyon box label features artwork by Visual Storyteller Paula Champagne. This powerful work celebrates the divine beauty, power, and grace inherent in all Black women and girls. Paula is a Visual Storyteller specializing in video, documentary photography, illustration, and graphic design. Her multimedia work communicates authentic human experiences. Inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors—her most recent passion projects explore and honor the intersection of Blackness, nature, and the quiet resistance of rest. See more of Paula’s artwork on her website here and her Instagram here.

$2 of every purchase of our Black Girls Shine Mug goes towards The Loveland Foundation
Lyon is a gentle, sweet and nutty medium roast

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