Everyone loves Brazilian coffee. It’s that classic sweet and nutty taste that is both familiar and comforting to all coffee drinkers. Brazil produces almost a third of all the coffee in the world every year but despite its commonality, Brazilian coffee remains endlessly captivating. That’s why we’re introducing a new single-origin coffee that captures the Brazilian coffee experience in its highest form. Introducing, Brazil Beleza.

The medium-roasted Beleza – which translates to “beauty” in Portuguese – carries sweet nuttiness and ripe berry flavors in a soft, creamy body display. The peak of hundreds of years of coffee tradition. 

Produced in the heart of Brazilian coffee land in Minas Gerais, Beleza captures all of the qualities we love about Brazilian coffee with beautifully luscious notes of Black Currant, Dulce De Leche, Cashew.

With a taste you know, love, and celebrate, every sip guides you through familiar flavors with enough wonder and intrigue to keep you wanting more. There’s no doubt that Beleza will make you fall in love with your coffee each and every morning.

Grab a box on our website today and experience the taste of Beleza for yourself.

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