In Guatemala, coffee producers will tell you they have coffee in their blood. These indomitable farmers have brought coffee to the peak of perfection. And nothing is more evident of that perfection than our new coffee, Guatemala Sun Peak.

This immaculately balanced coffee, overflowing with sweet nut and tart apple flavors, feels warm and familiar. With notes of almond butter, english toffee, and mutsu apple, every flavor shines in the glow of a vibrant Guatemalan culture. The coffee itself was grown in volcanic soil, known to breathe life into extraordinary coffee.

As the weather starts to cool, Sun Peak makes for the perfect drip coffee. Brewing this balanced, medium roast through an automatic brewer unleashes comforting caramel notes in your morning cup.

This coffee is a true testament to a land where the sun peaks over an extraordinary group of people who recognize the great significance of their accomplishments and the unlimited potential of their future. Sun Peak is a true reflection of the sweetness of the land and the richness of a proud culture.

Grab a box of Guatemala Sun Peak today.

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