Brazil Angelândia is our newest coffee from… you guessed it Brazil! It’s a rich and full bodied coffee that highlights natural flavors derived from its origin.


It all starts with the bean (clearly). The coffee is sourced from an agricultural region in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, known as Angelândia. It is here where a small community of farmers (less than 1000) dedicate most of their time to growing sugar cane, corn and coffee. 


Many of these people are employed by one of the most sustainable farms in Brazil (Fazenda Primavera), which is known for its agricultural and social development practices.


Grown on the side of rolling hills, our beans are harvested at an altitude of about 1000 meters—which adds to the coffee’s rose perfume and cocoa flavor notes.


Our Brazil Angelândia is truly an exceptional coffee that is reminiscent of dark wine, sweet chocolate, and floral rose petals.


You can purchase the coffee on our website here.



  1. I love that yoga pose/coffee pix on instagram, because some people say that coffee and yoga don’t go together and, I think this is the perfect photo to say, “See, ya-huh, yoga and coffee DO go together!”

    Also, one of your followers, James Radcliffe, has a great image on his ‘gram feed of the sky in his coffee mug – love that and thanks to him for sharing!

  2. Hi Todd, will you ever go back to Doi Chaang in Thailand for their Peaberry, or any Peaberry for that matter??

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