This year’s Women’s History Month feels more energized than ever before. As a demographic, women make up more than half of the US population. We represent half of the workforce, and now it seems are having children and careers too – it may not be a mecca of balance and serenity, but it feels like achievement and progress. Last year, the country nearly achieved electing our first female president, and it tipped off a movement and ongoing conversation about equality, support – of each other, please – and trail blazing.

So, to celebrate the month at La Colombe, we wanted to feature some of these women on the front lines of our business – in cafes, in our sales department, and reppin’ our brand in the field – and do some self-reflection on women we work with.

Fun Facts:
42% of La Colombe employees are women.
54% of Café employees at La Colombe are women.
3 of our coffees are produced at women run farms.

Check our blog each week for features from women at La Colombe doing what they do best.

KathrynWritten by Director of Marketing,
Kathryn O’Connor


  1. One of your blogger followers, Needull in a Haystack, has an entry about the history of IWD and then a series of really interesting, thought-provoking posts-perfect for early evening coffee.

  2. Hey, Joe at Healthier State on the LC Twitter: Maybe see if a GMAT App is fun and techy and adds in a positive way to your prep. Also, when on a break, check your local book store/library and you might find a book for helpful, extra reading.

    Does anyone in the LC community have advice for Joe for the upcoming GMAT?

    Remember Joe, you already have proof that you are very smart–you have excellent taste in coffee.

    1. Joe, at least two law schools are reportedly accepting the GRE results in place of the traditional LSAT. So, perhaps a trend will be coming that the GRE could be used in place of the GMAT.

  3. Thank you, Laura Goldman! That is what everyone wanted to see, ask and know – which machine and which coffee and where. Thanks for being on it! And, you can watch on CSPAN and view live to see and hear for yourself and then compare to the written and verbal reports. Thanks LC for supporting reporters.

  4. Hey, I heard a little bit of hate speech over the weekend/saw a weird image in a post and I felt stunned. But, when the stun wears away this is what I wanted to say:

    1.Scientists have strong reason to believe that Mother Eve comes from somewhere in Ethiopia.

    2.Women birth all nations naturally.

    3.Women have the wonderful blessing of being able to feed their children naturally.

    I feel it should be very natural for all people to embrace:
    our Mother continent,
    the undeniable intrinsic worth of women, whether they are mothers themselves or not, and
    that many women are nurturing to society regardless.

    I think that in order to truly love and respect ourselves, we have to keep trying to love our humanity, and we are all works in progress.

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