You know what that means… it’s time to Pump the magic Dragon.


We know what you’re thinking, this looks like a device out of Cheech and Chong’s collection. But in Reality, The Dragon is a manual coffee brewer invented by Todd himself.


Part immersion brewer, part siphon brewer, the Dragon gives you maximum control over all aspects of your coffee. An external water chamber allows you to manipulate the temperature profile to an unprecedented level, and a manual siphon allows you to perfect your draw down time.

TheDragon-6 copyTheDragon-13.jpgTheDragon-17TheDragon-21TheDragon-30

Todd explains the basics of brewing with the Dragon.


  1. Okay, I’ll just say it, I ‘ll bite–some LC coffee drinkers are just simple coffee lovers. Let’s explore this more–not everyone knows what 4:20 means, but, I am guessing it is a psalm and verse reference from the Holy Bible.

    Now, you cannot read this blog post without thinking about Jack Byrnes and Gaylord (Greg) Focker. And, while we are all thinking about our favorite Ben Stiller movies (That’s right, keep thinking. All of the ones BS had control over are unbelievably awesome.)

    Next connection–Doesn’t Todd C. remind everyone just a smidge like Leland from Along Came Polly,
    mixed with Sean Penn in The Life of Walter Mitty–just saying.

    Art imitating life imitating art. Please understand that some of us might be more like Ruben in Along Came Polly. (I keep getting sidetracked by how awful my mobile spell correction feature is and by how great Deborah Messing and Hank Azaria were in that movie, ACP, too.)

    In conclusion, yes, 1.we are painfully aware that very few people are as cool as the Carmichaels, 2.Ben Stiller deserves to be the youngest actor to ever receive a lifetime achievement Oscar and matter how you brew LC coffee it would taste great right about now.

  2. I was kinda being serious. 1.Everyone thinks TC is very special. 2. Comedy is seriously overlooked and under-rated. Comedians are very smart and talented.

    Another thing I am serious about is that in The Weeknd’s latest hit, I Feel It Coming, there is a moment when he sounds just like Michael Jackson. Now, I don’t know how that is possible since voices can be like fingerprints or irises and are distinctive and recognizable. So, once the LA cafe (s) are up and running, maybe your folks could discuss. Chills down spine.

    Also, I desperately miss Ms. Whitney Houston and thanks for the great coffee.

  3. Thanks to Sprudge,’cause that coffee nap idea works!

    LA pic looks great. LAX better expect increased flight traffic.

    Please show us some of HarryWi’s latte art photos. Congrats. And, if he is in anyway related to Fonzi, this is extra, super, deluxe so fun. (The sad thing is my GenZer does not know who Arthur Fonzerrelli is and I just realized I am not sure how to spell his character’s last name. Wish I had saved all of my Tiger Beat and TV Guide magazines.)

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