Generally, flying stinks. Security lines are long as hell. Carry-ons never fit in overhead bins. And recently, it seems like you can get your a$$ kicked just for staying in the seat you rightfully purchased.



Now you can grab your perfect coffee, cappuccino or Draft Latte before heading to your gate. That’s right, we opened cafes in the airport. 

Our first cafe is located in Terminal A East of the Philadelphia International Airport, and the newest just opened in Terminal B—ready to serve travelers all day, everyday.


We created this space to offer a welcoming and inviting cafe environment, just like any other La Colombe. This brand forward cafe is owned and operated by our longtime partner, Fresh Airport Concepts. We’ve been supplying their Guava & Java airport cafes with coffee for a number of years and are now taking the partnership to the next level.

“It takes a village to make and bring great coffee to everyone, and this project is a culmination of a 7 year partnership.” says Todd Carmichael

We’ll be serving up Draft Latte and Pure Black on tap, but will also have cans available for the cafe on-the-go. In addition to coffee, we’re also offering a wide range of NOM-worth pastries and breads.


Whether you’re leaving or returning to the city of brotherly love, you’ll feel like you’re at any other La Colombe. Flying is stressful, and getting your cup of joe shouldn’t be.



  1. Hey, since, potentially a lot more people will be introduced to LC, have you ever done a key description to go with pictures of the pastries that are sold at most locations? Everything always looks good, but, I am never 100% sure what they all are, proper names and even pronunciations, some French, maybe mostly French, not sure. Thanks.

    Also for the kiddos at Dilworth in the heat of the summer, can that location get the Chobani Flips and the espresso mudslides? (Just asking, it’s fine if for some reason it’s not possible. )Thanks!

    1. Oh and in Philly I have seen the espresso mudslides at the Indie Hall location (very important to the cookie crowd) and, for visitors, if you see a historical film at the Visitor Center look for Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, The Good Place) and, if it’s not her, she has a twin or a world’s best doppelganger.

  2. Hey, saw STARR on your Twitter stream. Can you install the draft latte at Stella, because it would go really well, especially in summer (very cold) with pizza. I think they’ll go for it! 🙂

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