With over two decades of serving plant-based alternatives in our cafes, it’s about time we launched a non-dairy Draft Latte.

Introducing Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk Mocha.


Both flavors feature our cold-pressed Nizza espresso and a pinch of cane sugar to create a delicious and natural tasting latte. We also chose to use coconut milk vs. other plant-based ingredients for a couple of reasons.

For one, coconut milk is actually better for the environment than soy or almonds. From using the husks as natural fertilizer to recycling fresh water, our farmers in Sumatra make sure to use the entire coconut (but we just use the cream).

Compared to soy, rice and almond milk, coconut farming requires less water and land to produce.


We also loved the way coconut milk replicated our the same frothed texture to the dairy Draft Lattes. The milk contains medium chain fatty acids, that pair perfectly with the acidity of coffee. That was major ?.

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Right now, Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk Mocha Draft Lattes are only available online, but will soon be in a supermarket near you.




  1. Will the store judge me if I go for the DLs in the middle of the night (which is actually just the morning in NYC)? suburb dilemma says:

    That Simpsons’ GIF reply on Twitter is me seeing that our 24 hour supermarket now has draft lattes! ☺

    Happy 4th!

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