CAUTION: Don’t Shake Your Draft Latte

Please don’t shake your Draft Latte. We’ve seen a number of people miss the label on the can which says “Do Not Shake”, only to end up with the beverage all over their new outfit. So to make it easy, here’s a list of things you should and shouldn’t shake.



Tail feathers


James Bond’s Drink of choice


 funny dance cute baby reactions GIF


Small Animals

Draft Latte

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4 Comments on CAUTION: Don’t Shake Your Draft Latte

  1. Got it! I promise to not shake it if you want to send me some complimentary beverages 🙂

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  2. Loved the product but didn’t carefully read the label so my draft Latte was everywhere. I bought the product at a supermarket in upstate NY where it was on sale 2 for price of 1 or about a buck fifty each. This is the right price point! At 3 bucks a can its too pricey for me.

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  3. Is this product decaf?


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