We get the question all the time… what’s the deal with this lip guard?


We’re here to set the record straight, because the lip guard was specifically designed to serve three purposes.


  1. The Draft Latte was developed with the texture being a big priority. The lip guard helps you experience the full frothness of Draft Latte, simply by separating your mouth from the metal and providing a little more comfort. It’s a easier, elevated way to experience the mouthfeel of the drink.
  2. A latte is primarily made up of milk – and milk and aluminum don’t always go well together. We found that drinking milk directly from aluminum can actually leave a metallic taste in your mouth. The plastic lip guard separates your mouth from the metal, which negates that metallic taste. You might be thinking… I don’t taste anything metallic, but we dare you to try with and without the cap — it’s a tastebud opening experience.
  3. Lastly, it was a simple observation, people enjoy drinking cold beverages out of small holes. Think about it. Whenever you order an iced coffee or cold brew you get it in a cup with a straw. By drinking out of a smaller hold you are directing the liquid to the perfect part of your tongue – elevating the flavor of the drink.


High-Res Pour Shot


So next time you go to pop that cap off, don’t!



  1. That’sa fairly good explanation about the top, but I only went online to find out why that is AFTER I drank it. Maybe put the explanation on the can? Then people don’t have to go online just to find this out

  2. Oh my! I get it now. And I most certainly agree. It makes it more frothy. I tried La Colombe before and just recently bought some more cans.

    My boyfriend opened the first one, and he took off the plastic cap. “Oh,” I thought. “Was that how I was supposed to open it the first time?”

    My next can, I tried opening it and somehow turned the top, so I couldn’t open it. I twisted it back and got the tab stuck, but I was eventually able to get the much needed coffee out.

    For my can today, I wasn’t going to be foiled again. So, I just searched good ole Google and found this article. It makes sense now. I would suggest putting something more on the can about it. I think it’s confusing for some people and it might have been a turn-off for me.

    Your coffee is great. I love the cap now!

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