We’re pumped about our newest decaf, Santa Barbara. Our single origin decaf (which is our first ever decaf apart of our Workshop collection) is bright and complex beyond all expectations for a decaffeinated coffee. It has hints of sweet citrus and effervescent cola flavors that make for a truly rich experience.


Like most Colombian coffees, the Santa Barbara is grown on volcanic soil at a high altitude (about a mile high). Only the ripest cherries are harvested and meticulously cared for during the milling and drying process. The beans are then painstakingly sorted to ensure only those meeting exact specifications were given the Santa Barbara name before they undergo one final step – water processed decaffeination.

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We’re happy to work with the Santa Barbara Estate, established three decades ago by Don Pedro Echavarria. His estate is one of the few completely integrated coffee farms in Colombia, which ensures quality and traceability from seed to cup.

This single origin decaf is truly a one-of-a-kind coffee. It’s actually our third ever decaf coffee, adding to one of our fan favorites, Monte Carlo.

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  1. So glad I checked the blog. Sounds like now there are two delicious LC decaf coffees! ☺ (Good news on a rainy day.) I can vouch that you can drink the Monte Carlo at 11pm & still get your ? sleep.

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