We usually leave the latte art to our baristas, but sometimes it’s fun to make the perfect rosetta at home. That’s why we pulled in Harry Winkler (@fumble_bee), one of the best latte artists in the country, to show us how this is done.

First things first. In order to start, make sure you’ve pulled the espresso and have your perfectly steamed milk ready to go. Its also key to have a bowl shaped mug. Now you’re ready!

Step 1. Groom Your Milk
Swirl the milk in the pitcher so that the milk and foam don’t separate. Once the milk starts separating, it will make it pretty much impossible to make a beautiful latte.  In your other hand, gently pick up the coffee cup and hold it at an angle. This lets you pour really close to the crema when it’s time to draw the design.


Step 2. Start High and Go Slow
Start by pouring the milk a few inches above the mug. Swirl the pitcher as you slowly pour a thin stream of milk. This will allow the milk to sink below the crema and create the base you’ll need.  Easy does it now.


Step 3: Bring it Low and Increase The Flow
After you’ve got your base, bring the pitcher closer to the mug and increase the flow. You should see a dot or halo of milk begin to form at the top of the coffee—this is the start of your rosetta.


Step 4: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
As you continue to pour the milk, you’ll want to start moving the pitcher (sort of like a wiggle) to create the leaves of the rosetta. As you wiggle, make sure to slowly bring the pitcher backwards towards the edge of the mug. This way you won’t be pouring milk on top of milk (making a blob).


Step 5. Finish HIM!
Once you reach the back edge of the mug, you’ll want to decrease the flow of milk (might not be much left in the pitcher anyway). When this happens, we like to strike through the heart of the rosetta to finish it off.


Step 6: For the Gram
If your artful beverage turns out as beautiful as this one, throw it on Instagram and tag us @LaColombeCoffee. Then bottoms up!


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