You may have noticed a red tap handle, which is pouring up a triple caffeine kick. The fan favorite Draft Latte flavor—Tripleis now available in cafes, ON DRAFT.

The kick of the triple is no joke, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately, being a little more coffee forward compared to the original Draft Latte. Try the Triple is by itself first, then move onto some of these cafe combos.

  1. Triple Black & Tans
    That means our cafe favorite has an extra boost to it.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.34.43 PM
  2. Triple Tan Lines
    We’re talking almost a full cup of Pure Black topped with a line of Triple Draft Latte. Woahhhh.
  3. Quadruple Draft Latte
    That means the Triple Draft latte PLUS a shot of espresso. Careful here people!

With so many new possibilities, this calls for triple the celebration.

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