Coffee aficionado? Refined palate? Then this coffee is for you. World famous for its bright and fruit forward flavors, the Panama Auromar Geisha brews a cup unlike any other.


Beans are sourced from the famed La Aurora farm, located at the North West corner of the Chiriquí province in Panama (right near the border of Costa Rica). The climate of the region is the ideal habitat for a coffee plant.

Tall Geisha plants grow on steep hillsides in pristine highland tropical rainforests. And at an elevation of about a mile above sea level, the plants are cradled in stable temperatures and misted by clouds drifting in from the sea.

These growing conditions (and close attention to detail by the farmers), are what gives this coffee incredible flavors. Tropical fruit and tea flavors, mixed with citrus notes, describe a taste that’s come to define an era of specialty coffee.

A coffee this special deserves a display case (aka new packaging). Similar to our previous packaging, the bag is biodegradable and is protected in a structured paper box. We added a window, allowing you to see the beans’ beautifully roasted colors. The box is fully recyclable and made with 30% post-consumer material. That’s color and quality you can literally see.


We’ve combined both Geishas (washed and naturally processed) into one gift box, perfect for anyone who truly loves on coffee. You can find it available online here

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