Who’s New Year’s Resolution is to get healthy? According to ComresGlobal, 65% of us aim to eat healthier and lose weight for the new year. But what if we told you we have a hack that allows you to indulge without actually indulging?

Enter Enlightened, a low cal, low sugar, ice cream that’s packed with protein and 100% delicious.


With so many incredible flavors, we decided to make affogatos to kick-start your healthy eating choices. Our Nizza blend is our go-to for cafe espresso, and it pairs beautifully with each ice cream. 

Red Velvet: 280 Calories Per Pint

Toasted Almond: 240 Calories Per Pint

Cold Brew: 240 Calories Per Pint

Peanut Butter: 400 Calories Per Pint

Sea Salt Caramel: 320 Calories Per Pint

We’re also giving away enough coffee and ice cream to make these for the entire month of January. Just head to our Instagram for how to win. 

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