Whether we’re headed to a National Park for an overnight stay or a local park for a hike—coffee is a must. Sometimes packing light is key, other times a cooler is all you need.

The most difficult part of brewing outside of your home is making sure water temperature is right (especially if you’re doing it over a fire pit). Our rule of thumb is to get the water to a boil, then let it sit for about 30 seconds. This should have your water temp at about 200°F, which should be perfect for brewing.  

  1. Aeropress

Easier than most brewing methods, the Aeropress brews a perfect cup and takes minimal effort and time. Perfect for brewing a single cup, make sure your grind is a little finer than table salt. Being so compact, this is the ideal brewer for camping.

  1. Cafflano Portable Pourover Kit

The cafflano is another great portable brewer. Being a pourover, you’re able to get the cafe style brew anywhere you go. It collapses into one easy container which makes taking it anywhere even easier. It’s mainly meant for a single cup and your grinds should resemble table salt for best results.


  1. French Press

French press is one of the most popular at home brewing methods because it’s quick, easy, and pretty compact. Make sure your grind size resembles course sea salt and that you’re filling the water slowly and evenly over the coffee. One of the key benefits of using a French Press is that you can brew about 8 cups at once. 

  1. Draft Latte

Great for a hike and ideal for car campers—Draft Latte is perfect. Throw it in your cooler with beers and call it a day! 

What are your favorite ways to brew while camping? Let us know @LaColombeCoffee. #KeepAmericaWild

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