As the leaves change, so does our cafe menu. We’re welcoming a few new items on the bar for the month of October. 


China Yunnan

What comes to mind when you hear the word China? Is it the Great Wall?  Trade wars? Delicious food? Well now it’s time to think specialty coffee. We are excited be serving one of the first specialty grade coffees from Yunnan, China.  The Yunnan province is known famously for its tea production, but specialty coffee has recently found favor in this part of the world due to the farmer’s efforts to improve quality. The monetary benefits of producing specialty coffee are exponential for a rural part of China, where things like clean water and electricity are luxuries.

The China Yunnan coffee itself is autumn in a cup. It showcases fragrances of earth and spice while producing an aroma of roasted nuts and spiced milk chocolate. It is mild in both acidity and sweetness… and if you’re lucky you may even experience a hint of cranberry.



Kenya Mt. Kenya

Our Mount Kenya coffee is on espresso for October, displaying a sweet and refreshing acidity that’s reminiscent of lemon candy. The perfect coffee for those who love a fruit-forward light roasted espresso.


Ethiopia Ardi

As the temperatures outside are dropping, our favorite Ethiopian coffee is warming up. This month Ardi will be transitioning back from iced to hot!

Costa Rica San Ramon

This honey processed Costa Rican coffee is famous for its intense fruit and floral aromas. The coffee is dried in it’s honey-like cherry fruit, comes to life with a fresh decadent sweetness.

Iced Cascara

We’re continuing our fan favorite iced cascara on bar this month. Derived from the cherry husks of the coffee plant, the beverage creates a profoundly floral and candy-sweet drink perfect for the cold brew fanatics.

Eclat Chocolate Bars

A blast from the past! The delicious Eclat chocolate bars are back on our shelves… and looking better than ever. Looks like it’s time to getcha nom-nom on.

Stay tuned for what’s new in November!

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