With the start of a fresh year comes the return of your annual self-improvement mantra: “New Year, New You.” A fresh start means leaving the old you in 2018, next to the Yanny vs. Laurel debate, and diving into the new and improved YOU.

But man, that’s a lot of pressure. What if you already liked the old you and just want to tinker a little bit? What if you don’t want to go on a juice cleanse or sign up for hot yoga but want to just be your authentically, awesome self?

Here’s a thought, try new things based one what you already dig. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you broaden your palate with recommendations based on things you already like. Check it out below and thank us later (preferably after you finish the juice cleanse).


If you like drip Corsica, try El Salvador

The El Salvador has a nice full body with a hint more acidity than Corsica. It’s mild and balanced and has rich chocolate tones and creamy body.





Also if you like drip Corsica, try a Nizza cortado

Nizza, which already has strong chocolate and roasted nut characteristics, becomes a little more approachable when mixed with milk. It’s a nice quick drink with mild acidity, and has the flexibility to work with non-dairy milk options as well.





If you like cold brew, try iced workshop americano with the Papua New Guinea

Our Papua New Guinea has a soft body that translates well to an iced americano. Its acidity is toned down in an americano, keeping it balanced and bringing out the sweetness of the coffee.





If you like Inga Red Honey, try El Obraje Geisha

There are similarities to both, in that they’re both Columbian coffees, but the Geisha offers more of a chamomile floral aroma as opposed to the violet florality of the Inga Red Honey. It’s very sweet and very clean, and has bright, juicy, lemon-lime notes, without much tartness. It’s a great way to taste a rare coffee without totally breaking bank.





If you like an americano, try it with Guatemala Cerro

The Guatemala Cerro has a big body, similar to the El Salvador, and people love it because of the strength of the espresso. Definitely worth a try.





If you like a macchiato, keep doing your thing, but maybe with the Papua New Guinea instead

A little milk added really tones down the acidity and brings out the brown sugar and molasses notes in the Papua New Guinea.


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