Introducing Atelier Chocolate bars

From Fresh Roasted Coffee Bean to Richly Flavored Chocolate Bar La Colombe's Atelier introduces 2 hand crafted chocolate bars, produced in collaboration with local Master Chocolatier Chris Curtin. Together we set out to create something different in chocolate with coffee. Made fresh in small batches from the highest quality ingredients possible, this is not your average chocolate covered espresso bean. Atelier La Colombe Bars feature coffee beans smashed and sorted to specific sizes which control how much and when the flavors are released. Each piece has an explosion of true La Colombe coffee flavor packed with a kick of caffeine delivered by a cocoa blend that features some of Eclat's  single origin, sustainable and organic chocolates from Madagascar, Peru and Tanzania.

Turkish – 2.6oz Dark Chocolate Bar
Following the flavor profile of Turkish coffee, this bar is intensely flavored, yet discernibly textured with a smooth undercurrent of taste.

Morning Break – 2.6oz Milk Chocolate Bar
Sweet and creamy classic milk chocolate turns sophisticated with the unexpected crackly texture of evenly crushed coffee beans.

About Eclat Chocolate
Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin set out from his home in Madison, Wisconsin to the House of le Companion du Devoir, the premier guild for Pastry Chefs in France. Working alongside the best journeyman pastry chefs in Europe, he became the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. Returning to the Brandywine river valley, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Eclat Chocolate is the continuation of over 12 years of hand-selected European chocolate experiences in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan.

Visit Eclat Chocolate website

4 Comments on Introducing Atelier Chocolate bars

  1. I’m going to ask La Colombe if they can supply their candy bars to retailers.


  2. how can we get in touch with a sales rep


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