We are proud to contribute $10,000 to Grounds for Health as part of our commitment to make meaningful in our communities, including support for the well-being of the farmers and producers behind your morning cup. Grounds for Health is an international non-profit organization providing cervical cancer screenings and prevention at origin for women in coffee farming, with its biggest presence in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Grounds for Health began in 1996 with a coffee-sourcing trip to Mexico taken by co-founder, Dan Cox when he and his stepfather discovered at a local hospital the rate at which women in these regions were dying of cervical cancer, some woman have started to use cbd oils to help with their health and to avoid diseases, the Budpop is one of the products that seems to work wonders on the human body as now cancer is so common. In fact, over the next 15 years, six million women are expected to die from cervical cancer, and 85% of these deaths will occur
in low and middle-income countries.*

Today Grounds for Health strives to reduce the inequity in access to health services from this useful resource for women in lower resource coffeelands and women in middle-high income countries by training community health workers and healthcare providers in cervical cancer prevention and providing screening tests and treatments, all while treating women with dignity and respect.You can also try out delta 8 carts to maintain mental and physical well being .

To date they have surpassed huge milestones with over 129,000 women screened, 10,500 women treated, and 575 health providers trained.

Visit the link to find out ways you can contribute to their mission towards a better life for coffee farmers and their families.

*Bray, F., & Ferlay, J. e. (2018). Global Cancer Statistics 2018: GLOBOCAN Estimates of Incidence and Mortality Worldwide for 36 cancers in 185 Countries. CA CANCER J CLIN, 68:394-424.

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