Courtney Brown

We recently put up some artwork by emerging local artists at the La Colombe cafe by Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Here’s one by Courtney Brown, a Philadelphia-lover printmaker and painter:

“I lived my entire life in Los Angeles until I decided to move across the country to Philadelphia almost five years ago. Since the drastic change in environment, I’ve become enamored with Philadelphia and the way traditions thrive within this city. My work reflects my love for pattern and color, as well as my admiration for objects that I believe reflect these traditions.”

James Matusheski

“James Matusheski was born and raised on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Where as a boy , he took a break from skateboarding and realized he had a true love for drawing. Wishing to further cultivate his passion he attended the University of the Arts where he received a BFA in illustration.

His work is derived from a range of mediums, with each piece as carefully researched as it is created. Much of James’ work focuses on human expression, and as such, is often heavily conceptualized. Careful attention is paid to every details and to every color scheme, because each image is intended to evoke in the viewer a specific mood or feeling directly tied to the back-story behind the piece.

James currently lived and paints in South Philadephia.”

Adrienne Langer

Adrienne Langer:

““I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA., where I have been taking painting, drawing, and music classes since I was a little kid. I studied at the University of the Arts where I received a BFA in Illustration in 2009. Some of my interests include animals (especially cats), observing beauty in nature, pattern design, biking, decorating, cooking, gardening, thrifting, going to local music shows, and listening to records.”

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