Tenspeed Hero/JP Graziano Racing Team Jerseys

Tenspeed Hero racing team has posted an article about their new jerseys. We’re a proud sponsor! Find out more about Tenspeed Hero here.

“Though the Tenspeed Hero boys have been racing for weeks they have been doing so in a combination of outfits made up of Rapha, Assos, Le Coq Sportif, and their mother’s hand knitted socks. News of from the International Parcel Tracking Gods says that jerseys are on their way to Chicago. Hallelujah! Look for this Cat 3/4 Team on the road with Nalini Kit designed by the good folks at Plural located in Chicago. More to come of course but first let us thank our generous sponsors: J.P. Graziano, La Colombe Torrefaction, Method Bicycle, and Get a Grip Cycles!Team Members to look for at your local midwestern races include: Todd Simeone, Timothy Holt, Isaiah Jay, Stanley Sterlinski, Kansas Waugh, Patrick Kenny, Michael Jividen, Sean Fitzpatrick, Robert Zach Thomas, and Kevin Clark.”

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