Missing bird (actually owlet) from the magazine

In the newly launched magazine there has been a mess-up. In the section called “The New World Topics/Land of Coffee and Birds” by La Colombe’s Brian Hart, there was one very extra special bird that got left out in result of a mistake by our design team. It was supposed to be printed right on page 41 in the Northern Peru sub-section. Here’s what you missed:

Long-whiskered Owlet
Xenoglaux loweryi
Location: The cloud forests of Abra Patricia, Amazonas, Peru

Discovered in 1976, more than 25 years passed before this six inch long owl was seen again. Bizarre and unlike anything else known to science, it was placed in its own genus (Xenoglaux, or “strange owl”). With a tiny population and a remote and very restricted range, this endangered species is considered a holy grail for those who search for birds in the neotropics. Until just a couple of years ago, only a few people had ever encountered this bird in the wild.

Brian describes his own sighting and photographing of the owlet in 2011 as one of the most exciting moments in his life.

The online version is correct though! You can check it out here: lacolombe.com/magazine

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