Yardbird is “Hong Kong’s ‘it’ restaurant” according to CNN’s travel blog. “It’s just good food, professional service and a relaxed atmosphere. Yet, eating there feels like nowhere else in Hong Kong.” Recently they sent us their recipe for their coffee infused shochu made with La Colombe beans. Shochu is a Japanese drink distilled out of rice in this case but can also be distilled out of sweet potatoes or barley. If you get your hands on some shochu and coffee beans, you can follow this recipe for your own infused :

“Yardbird shochu is now infused with La Colombe coffee.

The goal was to infuse the flavor from the beans into the shochu and yield a well-balanced, smooth coffee liqueur with the robust qualities of the La Colombe that compliments the texture of Sengetsu Kome Shochu and Towari Soba Shochu. The shochu we used is distilled from rice, fermented twice, distilled once, and diluted to 24% alcohol. The process allows intensify the flavors of La Colombe Shochu.

The Yardbird x La Colombe Shochu was inspired by our very traditional umeshu recipe. The infusion is a two step process:

Step 1

·         400 grams (about 2 cups) of La Colombe whole bean coffee
·         100 grams ( about ½ of a cup) of Japanese Rock Sugar
·         2 liters (about ½ of a gallon) of Sengetsu Kawabe Kome Rice Shochu

The infusion is sealed in a mason jar, and stored in a vibration-free environment.

Step 2
After 1 month, add:

·         100 grams (about 1 cup) of Muscovado sugar
·         1 liter of Sengetsu Kawabe Kome Rice Shochu
·         1 liter of Towari Soba Shochu

The bittersweet quality of the Muscovado sugar does not detract from the balance of the coffee. The infusion is stored for 2 additional months.

We serve Yardbird X La Colombe Shochu shaken and strained to give the coffee Shochu a velvety feel in the mouth. The infusion leaves a flavorful aroma of coffee complimented by the rich texture of Japanese spirits. The finish is dry with a refreshing acidity that lingers.”

by Elliot Faber, Beverage Manager of Yardbird.

33-35 Bridges Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Email: info@yardbirdrestaurant.com
Phone: +852 2547 9273

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