Todd and Hollywood are back from filming the first episode of Dangerous Grounds Season 2 in Nepal. Below are some photos they brought back for us.

“Down from the mountains, coffee in tow. I didn’t think I was going to pull it off. Spirits high, body wasted. Off to the next country…”

– Todd Carmichael

Annapurna - a goddess to those who love mountains. The view from a coffee farm.
Annapurna – a goddess to those who love mountains. The view from a coffee farm.
Can you find Hollywood?
Can you find Hollywood?
Lady in the farm with her wonderful dress
Lady in the farm with her wonderful dress
Sways nicely in the wind
Sways nicely in the wind
Coffee cherries on necklace
Coffee cherries on necklace from origin
Green bean samples
Green bean samples
rock hard dried yak cheese
Rock-hard dried yak cheese


  1. Great job! You guys are amazing. And a big thank you for making it possible to bring us the good stuff! Where to next? Sent from my iPhone

  2. Todd,
    I dig the show and of course the coffee. It’s one thing being on a quest for coffee but it’s another to be a true connoisseur and risk taker. Thanks also to “Hollywood” nice shooting by the way!
    I am so glad you’re setting up shop in my neck of the woods, D.C I am pleased also with your other charitable works,
    in which is one reason I purchase your products and to include your helping the coffee farmers as well.
    Be safe out there and God Bless,
    D. Spikes

  3. Hi, I’m officer Ski. I make LaColombe in Chicago my only coffee stop. Can’t wait to taste all the new coffee and watch the new season of coffee quest.

  4. Rock n roll Todd and hollywood …keep us amazed by your travels , impressed by your attitude , drive , and beans , and laughing along with you . Life is an adventure and you guys got the message …

  5. If the best best coffee grows in the mountains, I’d say you couldn’t be in a better place You should have gone there last. How do you top the Himalayas?

  6. I think the stringed yak cheese would compliment the coffee cherry necklace nicely for a bold fashion statement!

  7. I was turned on to your show last season by a friend-we watched the whole season and I thought “what the hell-I’ll go to the website-LOVE the coffee!!! Can’t wait for this season! Our son was out on the west coast to visit from Brooklyn and he tried my Corsica-he’s hooked-and just emailed with pictures of your shop there. He bought a can of Corsica and has said goodbye to Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  8. Thank you for sharing these photos of a corner of the world that I may never have the great opportunity to visit myself, but we can see it through your eyes. For whatever reason, I found the photo of the woman on the farm especially profound; it caused me to reflect on and appreciate my fellow women around the world, and our desire, in any moment, to be beautiful. Cheers, Safe travels — TW

  9. Amazing show…. You are to be commended for the risks you take and the entertainment you offer, not least of which is the taste of your unbelievable coffee.. goodbye Star*****… I now stock most of your product. Cincinnati would be an excellent place to open a new store!

  10. Love your show and the risks you andHollywood take!!! I get up at 7am on a Sunday to watch. Am excited to read abut the start of season 2. Safe travels and hope no more escapades like the Columbia mountain tumble occur.

  11. Loved your show as it brought back so many positive memories of Nepal. Spent 3 weeks there last Oct/Nov visiting friends I’ve made over the years who reside in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan & Lumbini. I was not impressed with the coffee there…too mild, but I’m anxious to taste what you discovered. Again, thank you for the marvelous video of this fantastic country.

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