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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love following your adventures and give you credit for facing down fears as you drive by those guards with the big guns.

  2. My wife and I are really excited about season 2! As hard core coffee drinkers we truly enjoy learning the ins and outs of the brew we love to drink. Thanks for bringing your ongoing saga of getting that perfect brew for the masses into our home.

  3. Nice to see your photos. Love your passion for coffee and helping the farmers! Keep up the great work. Your coffee rocks!

  4. My Dad & I love your show – you give us the opportunity to see unique places and view them thru your point of view as our tour guide, with special thanks to Hollywood too. The new pics are fantastic!

  5. Todd is one crazy dude. That’s why I don’t purchase any other coffee except La Colombe. I can relate to his experience and journey.

  6. I am glad to see season two coming up. I started my college son on micro coffees very imprised love you guys and the shows . Gary

  7. The hubby and I are excited for Season 2! We love to travel and we love love our daily cup of coffee so getting to see what it really takes was an amazing opportunity. Thank you for the preview and Thank you Todd for giving us the chance to taste different parts of the world we have not yet seen!

  8. Todd, my daughter and I love your show….Hopefully one day we can meet you in person….Any chance sometime soon, you will be opening a place in Dallas, Texas, for a Jersey boy?

  9. Does anyone know when dangerous grounds will return? this website and a few others say it will return, but i’m not so sure. 🙁 its my favorite show. hope todd didnt get hurt on one of his adventures.

  10. Love the show. Someone tell comcast to put Ethiopia and Borneo on demand…those are two I havent seen. Anyone know where I can watch them online?

  11. Just watched Season 2 opener, Crazy Great show and Super coffee! My daughter turned me on to your coffee while she was studying at Curtis in Philly. I’m hooked. I always stop by your 19th St place for a pick me up. Your barista told me that the coffee from Indonesia is gone, sold out. Sorry I forgot the name I am hoping the Guerrero is the replacement. Until then I’m drinking Louisanne & Corsica. They recommended the Thai? I’m from N’awlins and I love rich coffee. Love the show!!

  12. You want a real adventure? Visit their cafe on S 19th street in Philadelphia! My wife, 8yr old boy and I went there last Sunday. We negotiated the traffic and one-way streets, paid $17.00 for 45 minutes of parking in some alley, ran across the park (the one with the lion and snake statue) and was fortunate enough to get a table for three.
    The Coffee was out of this world! Busy place but the service was fantastic, the baristas were very friendly, very talented, and moved coffee like there was no tomorrow.
    Highly recommend this coffee, will not drink the green mermaid or the purple doughnut, we don’t even use cream or sugar anymore.
    Dan in New Hampshire.
    we need a LaColombe up here in Portsmouth.

  13. good morning Todd-

    my name is Max Ramos and i am a coffee farmer in Guatemala City, I am in the north east of Guatemala and i would like to know if you would be interesting in trying to visit our farms. my email address as follow below.

    BTW- i am really interetisng and finding the portable coffee roaster you use in your adventures.

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