Dangerous Grounds Season 1 Released on iTunes


Travel Channel TV series Dangerous Grounds, hosted by La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael, is now available on iTunes. You can catch up on the first season, which includes episodes filmed in Bolivia, Madagascar, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. You can go to iTunes to download any episode.

“Coffee magnate and adventurer Todd Carmichael is the Indiana Jones for the java generation. He hunts down rare strains of coffee in some of the most fascinating and unseen places in the world. His business depends on sourcing coffee so extraordinary; it’s sought after by the world’s top chefs. Whether he’s attacked by bats, driving some of the world’s most treacherous terrain, or dangling hundreds of feet in the air on a makeshift zip-line, Carmichael risks his life traveling to such locations as Haiti, Bolivia, Madagascar and Borneo to track his way from villages to mountain enclaves where the best coffee fruit hides. Buying directly from the growers means Carmichael must encounter danger and opposition from entrenched middlemen. There’s an amazing story behind every cup!”

About Dangerous Grounds Season 2:
Todd has been on the road filming for season 2 for the past year, and he is in Brazil filming another episode as we type. You can see sneak peeks from the new season HERE. Season 2 will premiere January 2014!

1 Comment on Dangerous Grounds Season 1 Released on iTunes

  1. We love the show. Please bring back a third season. It is a great show in many ways. God bless Todd and Hollywood on there trips.
    Sincerely, Maria.


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