La Colombe’s first cafe in D.C. is now open featuring a Steampunk Mod 2.0 for showcasing our single-origin coffees as well as our usual espresso drinks and pastries from Frenchie’s Bakery. We will be open Mon-Fri from 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun from 8am-7pm. Below are some photos from the first day and a video, where you can see how Erica bakes our croissants.

Frenchie’s Bakery from Sarah Cannon on Vimeo.

OUtsideCafe popville
photo credit: Pop Ville.
photo credit: The Washington Post. Greg (cafe manager) and Yui (head barista)
photo credit: Washington City Paper
photo credit: David Ansell
photo credit: Pop Ville

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  1. So great to have a cafe in the D.C. area.
    But, you should really look at the Columbia, MD area.
    The demographics are a good fit,and, any alternative to Starbucks would be greeted with open arms.

  2. As a long time Philly resident now living in DC, nothing makes me happier than LaCo opening here. This city just got some street cred (and it’s first legit coffee centric cafe).

  3. Todd, have you thought about bringing La Colombe to Atlanta? I believe we are prime for awesome greatness in coffee. Whatever I can do to help, I’m in! Terrie Johnson

  4. So sorry that I missed the grand opening but I’ve been a devoted fan of Lacolombe since happening upon it while cable surfing. I order and drink drink single source coffee from La co on a regular basis and can’t wait to get off work today so that I can make a bee line to N Street!!!!

  5. I adore this place! Fell in love with your coffee while living in Philly, so I was thrilled that you expanded to DC. The space is really gorgeous and thoughtfully designed…I’d visit every day if it were a little closer. I’m crossing my fingers that future expansion might include H Street NE;-)

  6. Yay!! Have awaited opening eagerly! LaCo is the BEST coffee ever! Also have been ordering online from company for a couple of years, and walked all over NYC to find one of the four coffeeshops there. So glad to have you locally at last. THANKS!!

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