Here are two videos by La Colombe CEO and Dangerous Grounds host Todd Carmichael showing two methods of brewing an amazing cup at home. One of them utilizes our brew bundle, which contains products Todd handpicked to show you how he brews coffee every morning, and in the other, he uses the ROK espresso maker, which is a very affordable home espresso set-up that still produces a beautiful crema.

You can purchase this kit in our web store here.

You can purchase a ROK espresso maker online from our website.


  1. So are you reading my mind or intercepting my google searches? I just spent 30 min. searching for that espresso maker to no avail! Though I did get a nice primer on espresso makers and processes from your new San Diego distributor. Thanks! I’m on the road!!

  2. I keep forgetting to swirl the coffee in the Chemex. Does it make a huge difference? What does swirling do to the coffee?

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