Werka BaukaOur Ethiopa – Werka Bauka is now available for purchase at the La Colombe online store.

Cupping Notes:  Juicy citrus of mango, peach, and tangerine, accompanied by floral rose aromatics, and silky vanilla bean body, lingering in the cup with a delicate tannic Oolong tea finish.

Werka Bauka Ethiopian coffee hails from the southern nation sub-region, referred to as Gutiti, found in Yirgacheffe. This refined coffee is a representation of a washed then sun-dried heirloom varietal Ethiopian coffee, grown by more than 700 smallholders. It is then delivered, milled, and sorted, at the centralized wet mill, owned and operated by Werka Bauka. The complex flavor characters found within this tasty cup of coffee is in large part due to numerous farmers, whose cooperative efforts and careful harvesting leads to a unique cup quality. 

Werka Bauka - Gutiti


  1. I remember this brew and it was my favorite, I was sad to see it go. It had such a smooth taste. Do you think you’ll be getting this bean again???

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