Uganda - Bulaago

Our Uganda – Bulaago is now available for purchase at the La Colombe online store.

Cupping Notes: Orange zest, plum sweetness, savory depth and milk chocolates.

We’re happy to be able to present again the beautiful product of the isolated village of Bulaago  in Mt. Elgon, Uganda.  The farmers of Bulaago possess an outstanding ability to grow and process world-class coffees.

“I am extraordinarily excited about this coffee and our unique relationship with Bulaago village. We expect to work with this village for years to come.”  – Todd Carmichael

Uganda_Kapchowra morning mists copy

Uganda_Bulaago what's so funny_

Uganda Bugisu, Buginyanya_Augustin Kissa pulping fly crop  copy

hand pulpers

Copy of Uganda Bugisu, carrying red cherries to washing station copy


Copy of Uganda Sebei, Sipi Falls 2(2) copy


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