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New Gotham President – Kate Markham

New Gotham is a coffee community dedicated to connecting coffee professionals and enthusiasts throughout Chicagoland and beyond. We seek to support our community through social, educational and competitive events that remain accessible to all. As a group, we are not affiliated with any specific company, nor do we exist for the purposes of financial gain, but rather to build a network of individuals interested in raising the profile of the Chicago coffee scene”

Kate - Talya
Kate Markham & Talya Strader

New Gotham is doing great things for the coffee industry in Chicago, and has achieved national recognition for its ability to bring the city’s coffee community together. As its beloved co-founder and first president, Talya Strader, gets ready for the next stage of her life and passes on the honor of carrying the torch (please read her farewell letter here), we are proud to announce that La Colombe Torrefaction’s Chicago retail director, Kate Markham, has been voted as New Gotham’s next president! She will continue in the footsteps of Talya by being the overarching connection amongst the New Gotham Coffee Community, providing guidance and vision to the organization as it continues to blossom. Cheers to all!

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