Dear Friends & Patrons of La Colombe,

At our Rittenhouse café, we’ve proudly opened our doors to the Philly community for the past 20 years, and recently signed a new lease to spend the next 20 years with all of you. We feel that it is about time for our very first cafe to receive a much-needed facelift. We are very excited to be making renovations that will inevitably enhance your experience with us.

To do so, we are asking for your patience during the month of August because we will need to close off the bar area of the café for the first two weeks of the month to begin renovations, but we will still be open for limited service (drip coffee only, no espresso drinks). We will also be turning back the hands of time at Rittenhouse by selling our coffees for only $1 (the initial cost from when we first opened for business).

Sadly, however, for the second two weeks of August, we will need to close the Rittenhouse space completely to finish out the renovations, but our Dilworth café (just a few blocks away at 1414 S. Penn Square) will still be providing full service and espresso drinks throughout this month of transition. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but we assure you that our newly refurbished space, which will reopen at the beginning of September, will be a better place for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for all your support over the years.

Much love,
Todd & JP


  1. I don’t live in Philly but I did visit The Rittenhouse Café when I saw Sting in 1996. Close up seats. Amazing. So was the Café the next morning. Also stayed at the Rittenhouse Hotel. Bravo! La Colombe is really great coffee. I love choosing my bags every month. I am a regular now too.

  2. I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. Hope the renovations go well. Just hoping you will keep the tables and chairs. For those of us getting on in years, the stools at your Dilworth Plaza location are a challenge. Thanks for the best coffee in town. Your staff is the best!

  3. Will the Rittenhouse location be opening again on September 1st, or are renovations calling for a longer closing? I’m excited to see the new interior, thank you for the great service and even better coffee 🙂

    1. Renovations were delayed by the red tape of inspection. We’ll know better this Saturday when we’ll be open again, but we’re hoping for this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Waited too long, now a faithful Joe’s customer instead … just kidding! I’ll never drink anything BUT LC coffee! Looking fwd to the new LC @Rittenhouse. Design looks great from what I’ve seen (as opposed to LC @Dilworth, which is almost worthless, no kidding this time.. scattered layout, horrible seating, schizophrenic almost ‘cold’ decor.. needs a total do-over, IMO 🙁 .. no way the same interior designer who did Rittenhouse did Dilworth, too. What the heck happened?!! :-O

    1. I thought I was the only one appalled by the LC@Dilworth design. Everything about it is cold, uncomfortable and unwelcoming. And the awful wall “art” that looks like it was painted with coffee! LC@Rittenhouse design looks great but has a dead, empty space in the northeast corner where they could use some tables and chairs to alleviate the congestion. Also, LC@Rittenhouse seating is cramped–causing people to squeeze by those already seated. When you carry your coffee, you hope that you won’t get jostled and cause a spill.

      Again with the coffee-colored mural–gawd! Love the new counter though, and I like the new color scheme. As always, your staff is unfailingly polite and friendly.

      You have the best coffee anywhere. You should really rethink your design and layout. Do you ever actually sit as a customer for an extended period?

      I say all this with the best regards for your enterprise.

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