Our San Roque is from the steep hillsides of Colombia that unfold below the region’s monastery and above the Magdalena River, creating a coffee with refined sweetness. Oparapa, its municipality, means “land of gold and silver” in the native Quechua language because the town was once known for silver and gold mines.

Producers in the San Roque Association process and dry their own coffees and deliver them each day to quality analyst, Duver Rojas, who tastes the coffees and pays incentives for the best ones. Of the 100 families in the association, this lot represents ten producers who embraced these best practices. With hints of green apple and a citrus flavor, this latest single origin will not disappoint.

Our Colombia – San Roque is now available at the La Colombe online store.

Cupping Notes: Apple Cider, Black Cherry, Chocolate


San Roque Family




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