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We’ve combined 3 of Todd’s favorite Central American beans together in a sampler pack to share some of the region’s finest coffees available. No passport required.

Guatemala – Tomastepec: Every time that ash falls from Pacaya, Guatemala’s most active volcano, valuable minerals are absorbed into the pumice-rich soil along the sides of Tomastepec Mountain. The coffee grown on the mountain has intensely sweet butterscotch notes and hints of citrus that accompany a well-rounded body, clearly reaping the benefits of its volcanic terroir.

Guatemala – Ferrigno Estate: Finca Santa Sofia is found in a lush rain forest known for its Chipichipi, or constant misty rainfall and dense cloud cover. Pablo is a third-generation Guatemalan coffee farmer who founded Finca Santa Sofia in 1991 with a vision to use this year-round cool climate and high altitude to produce the highest quality specialty coffee. His continued dedication to excellence is evident in this bright and lively coffee.

Nicaragua – El Diamante Auction Lot: The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a US-based non-profit, runs an international series of auctions to identify and reward the farmers producing the best coffee in their respective countries.  In an interview with the Alliance, William de Jesus Villagra Gutierrez attributes El Diamante’s success in the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence Auction to his superb growing and careful harvesting and processing of the caturra varietal.  He also notes that being rewarded for his work this year encourages him to “keep striving to keep improving our coffee.”

Comes only in whole bean.

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