Congrats to La Colombe’s James Gibbs for Placing 2nd in Brewers Cup North Central & Advancing to Nationals!

James Gibbs - Brewers Cup

James Gibbs pondering winning 2nd place in the Brewers Cup North Central.

Congratulations to La Colombe Chicago roaster James Gibbs for placing 2nd in the North Central division at this year’s Big Central Brewers Cup in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend! He will continue on to the national competition, which will take place from February 19 – 22, 2015 at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California. We are very proud of his accomplishment! We are also looking forward to having more competitors in next week’s Big Eastern Brewers Cup and Barista competitions from November 21 – 23 at Durham Convention Center in Durham, North Carolina. Hope to see you there!

James Gibbs - Big Central Group

Brewers Cup North Central Finalists

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