Everyone secretly wishes their life had a soundtrack. You know you really want some epic jam to play while you’re walking up in the club (or cafe). Next time you’re having a coffee, be your own life DJ with these songs to sip to:

1.) Coffee – Sylvan Esso 
For any coffee, any time, anywhere.


2.) Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald
For when you’re nursing a Saturday morning hangover, regretting everything in the last 24 hours, except the coffee you just brewed.


3.) Coffee Cantata – Bach
For when your parents tell you to cut back on coffee and you just have to sing a German aria about how much you love the stuff.


4.) Coffee (In The Morning) – Miguel
For when ‘coffee’ doesn’t mean what you think it means.


5.) Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra
For when you’re back at your desk after lunch and you’re trying to keep your eyes open and also answer all the emails you missed.


Got a favorite coffee tune? Comment below!


  1. Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze performed live in Philly (probably at The Troc)! Thanks for ‘stirring up’ a happy memory! Happy 2016! We are loving the Mario coffees.

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