Friday Escape: Down the Shore


“Down the shore.” A constant refrain in the summer in Philadelphia, starting around Memorial Day. A quick hop across the Ben Franklin Bridge and down the Atlantic City Expressway, and you’ll find yourself at the famed Jersey Shore. And it’s not like what you’ve seen on MTV. People living in the North East, especially the city-dwellers, have gone down the shore since the 1800s. Many of the seaside towns are sleepy, low-key, and full of residents who have lived their whole lives there. The Shore is a simple, beautiful place where you can escape the city, take a swim, catch some rays, and end the day with a huge plate of fresh-caught seafood. And coffee can help you get there.

Shore season has started. Happy Friday, folks.

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1 Comment on Friday Escape: Down the Shore

  1. Yeah, fresh donuts! // July 5, 2016 at 9:30 am // Reply

    Thanks for the tip about The Fractured Prune donuts, which makes visiting Ocean City, Maryland even more fun!


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