Just your friendly reminder to be daring. It’s easy to get comfortable, to fall into the routine that’s safe and familiar, to let your creativity get stale. This weekend, while we were playing with sparklers and Chemexes for 4th of July pictures, our favorite angles and go-to coffee shots started to look flat. Our creativity needed a bit of livening up. So while we’re trying to figure out how to frame the Chemex with the sparklers, we finally said, “Screw it. Put them IN the Chemex.”

The result was epic. We got the shots we wanted (and a few burns we didn’t want), and we broke the Chemex. Not that we’re inspired to go around smashing coffee brewers, but it was a great activity in creative reinvigoration, and now we’re looking at our photography with a fresh eye. Sometimes to push your creativity back into the uncomfortable zone, you have to do daring things. Sometimes you have to break the Chemex.


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