Today we are proud to introduce La Colombe Tea & Tisane. Starting today, this carefully curated collection of teas and herbal blends is now available in most of our cafes. We spent months perfecting this elevated tea experience, and it’s the perfect pair to our longstanding, beloved coffee program.

Why tea? Because we like to work with things that we can touch. Seeds, nuts, leaves, fruits, milk, beans, whole ingredients we consider to be gifts of nature. Tea falls squarely in this category, and we’re treating the leaf with all the respect and care with which we treat the bean.

Our new tea collection includes 2 green teas, 1 black tea, 1 pu-erh tea, 2 tisanes (herbal blends), and 2 oolong teas, sourced from ancient tea origins such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. We’re offering 3 loose teas, each cup hand-steeped on our Silvertons, and 5 unique sachets for steeping. We sourced our tea ingredients with Rishi Tea, a company that shares our values for human stories, direct trade, organic growing, and traceability.

What we like most about tea is what we like most about coffee: It brings people together. It’s a shared ritual, something we can carve out time for, something to gather around and savor. Whether to uplift or wind down, there’s something for all of us tucked in these tea leaves.



  1. Do you think you will have Chai in the future as a variety? The way I understand it, it is common in India and includes specific spices. I am asking for a relative who says it’s a great combination of flavors.

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